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The Bookbinders Workshop 15th-Century Binding
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Methodology – Each two-volume set of The Lost Gutenbergs is completely hand-bound using many of the ancient traditions handed down from master bookbinders for centuries.



The text is folded into signatures and sewn by hand
on double raised cords which are laced into wooden
cover boards.



The rounded spine is achieved naturally by exerting the
proper amount of tension on the sewing cords as they
are laced through the boards.


Once adjusted, the cords are held in place with wooden wedges and each cover board meticulously fitted at the hinge.



The leather tooling is accomplished by using separate hand
tools. The elements are individually embossed, each one
working together to create the beauty of the overall effect.




Every two-volume set requires more than 200 individual impressions to complete the design.







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